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2022 Legislative Session Bill List

Below is a list of proposed bills supported (and sometimes opposed) by the All Families Deserve a Chance Coalition.  We will be updating this list as each bill moves through the various legislative committees that will need to address it before coming to a vote of the legislature.

PLEASE NOTE: In the Title & Description column, many of the Titles have a link to an information sheet or draft of the bill. Those links are underlined and highlighted in green.

Bill # 

Type Sponsors Title & Description Position  Status 
State Budget (Long Bill)Renters’ Protections Eviction Legal Defense: Request for greater funding for existing program to help ensure tenants have representation in eviction court.  Support 
 22-0296Family Economic SecurityRep. Duran, Rep. Jodeh, Sen. Moreno, Sen. StoryTANF BCA Increase and Reform:  Increase cash assistance and make improvements to how TANF serves families. Support 
 Family Economic SecuritySen. Faith Winter, Sen. Julie Gonzales, Rep. Matt Gray, Rep. Selena Gonzales-GutierrezDebt Exemption Modernization:  Update laws protecting assets and income from seizure by debtors and creditors to address current economic realities and family needs.  Support 
 Workforce DevelopmentRep. ExumRenewing the Emergency Employment and Job Retention Support Services Program: Sustain and potentially increase availability of support services for employment goals Support 
 Workforce DevelopmentRep. Sirota, Rep. Van Beber, Sen. Buckner, Sen. KirkmeyerEarly Childhood Educator Tax Credit:  Improves compensation of the early childhood workforce, and increases access to child care providers for those facing the greatest barriers.
 Health Care AccessRep. Gonzales-GutierrezPerinatal Health Equity Act:  Increase access to health care for low-income, undocumented Coloradans. Support 
 Health Care AccessRep. Froelich, Sen. GonzalesReproductive Health Equity ActCodify right to abortion access to ensure all Coloradans have full autonomy over when and if they have children. Support 

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