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Our 'Front Porch'

02/28/2010 6:29 PM | Heidi Baker (Administrator)
The front porch has long been a symbol of openness and community.  And with this post, the Network reiterates that concept to you, our consumers.

In human services, a Front Porch approach is an integrated system of care and services. A client-centered vision is the pinnacle of care, and the Network aims to increase the quality of services provided to those in need.

In "Building a Coalition of Non-profit Agencies to Collaboration with a County Health & Human Services Agency", from Changing Welfare Services: Case Studies of Local Welfare Reform Programs by Margaret K. Libby and Michael J. Austin (editors), the attempt at a Front Porch system for specific health care in Napa, California was highlighted.  A coalition with a local human services agency as a non-voting member was created, and funding was received to replace de-funded government services much like block grants are often used.  Of course, interest goes where the money is, and non-profits were motivated to be involved in the collaborative because of the funding. 

For us in Colorado, what might a Front Porch look like for the Human Services Network?  How, especially in times of little to no new funding, might we work together to create a client-centered vision or streamline services?  What ideas do you have for collaboration?

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