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09/10/2010 6:50 PM | Heidi Baker (Administrator)
Ever suggested to a participant that they should do a budget, knowing that you yourself don't have a written spending & saving plan??

It is in that spirit that a dozen of your colleagues came together in May to discuss what they might like to learn about finances. The Network and some gracious and knowledgeable community providers helped us do so, and I can say I have been impacted by the account savings, investment learning, and credit and refinancing issues discussed, and touched by the human experience of those who joined us.

This was a pilot effort by the Network to provide a peer learning circle, or an opportunity to share experiences and learn new things directly with your work colleagues--this time around personal finance.  Will we do it again?  It's not currently on the books, but the ongoing discussion and evaluation will depend on what you--those that the Network serves--want to see.

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