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  • 02/18/2009 1:49 PM | Heidi Baker (Administrator)
    The Network is rolling right on in to 2009.  We want to roll out some networking groups, talk about using technology in our limited time, advocate for better services, and offer more advanced training curricula.  Some of the volunteers working on that are our Advocacy Team and new Governance Team; they'd welcome your input!

    And for you....
    - What are your most pressing needs?
    - What would you be willing to do to resolve them?
    - How might the collaborative force of the Human Services Network be able to help in doing so?

  • 10/22/2008 5:49 PM | Heidi Baker (Administrator)
    Here's a blog about 'state-mandated data collection' and other human services technology projects...sound familiar?
    • Are you implementing a new tracking system?
    • Have something to share about CBMS?
  • 10/20/2008 5:11 PM | Heidi Baker (Administrator)
    There's been a series of aha process trainings around Colorado recently.  Have you attended?  What did you learn that you've applied?

    What DIDN'T get covered that you'd like to see as part of a Network follow-up discussion??

    Lois Illick, Family & Consumer Agent for CSU Extension writes: 
    "I really enjoyed it and got a lot out of it.  It fits in so beautifully with FDC and Effective Training information. I have already started talking to several groups that I work with here about doing a community training with it.  Thanks so much for keeping Extension in the information loop."
  • 09/09/2008 2:44 PM | Heidi Baker (Administrator)
    With the upcoming Bridges Out of Poverty Training of Trainers and aha Process' Framework for Understanding the Culture of Poverty and Bridges Out of Poverty titles, I thought it might be interesting to see what books you recommend for others in the human services field.

    Plus, we can announce our new 'affiliate' purchase program with the Tattered Cover.  The Network receives a percentage of each purchase made through the following link:


    What professional/personal development books are you reading?
    Do you have any books you use with participants?
    What about those 'all time classics' that are must reads for human services?

  • 10/25/2007 10:13 AM | Anonymous
    I just wanted to share a valuable resource that I just came across (though you all might already know about it) for legal assistance. I recently faced some issues obtaining a public defender for a client of mine and was turned on to a group of lawyers that have an income based/sliding scale fee. All you need to do is go to the website, click on “Defense Attorney Locator” at the top, and then select “Income Based/Sliding Scale.” Hope you all find this as helpful as I have!
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