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Webinar - Asset-Based Community Development - Leading in the New Reality -

  • 08/08/2019
  • 1:30 PM - 3:00 PM
  • Online


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This Asset-Based Community Development for Supervisors training is designed to help those who manage other staff to get a better understanding of how to help their employees to maximize their performance and to get them more involved in the things they are passionate about, using the ABCD (Asset Based Community Development) lens.

Asset-Based Community Development begins with the assumption that successful team-building involves rediscovering and mobilizing resources already present in any environment, particularly the skills and resources of its individuals and the power of voluntary associations, achieved through building relationships.  Another way of saying this is: successful team development is asset-based, internally-focused, and relationship-driven. Although some resources from outside the team are often needed, the key to lasting solutions comes from within. The gifts and skills of team members and the assets of the physical environment are always the starting place. No plan, solution or organization from outside the team can duplicate what is already there.  


  • To get to know your staff better
  • Maximize their potential
  • How to get employees on board
  • Become a more effective leader


  • using the Map exercise to get to know your staff;
  • Using the ABCD process to understand their passion and how it can help them in their current job;
  • By looking at the vision of the company or agency and seeing how the employee fits into it (to help with employee buy-in); and
  • By understanding your skills and gifts. Knowing when to lead, how to lead, so you and the staff form a true relationship that is beneficial to everyone and the organization.

Who should attend? Supervisors, managers or anyone who oversees staff

Registration will close 24 hours prior to class.

PresenterRuben Medina

Ruben Medina is the Project Manager of Northwest Aurora/ Montebello Community Engagement for the Foundation for Sustainable Urban Communities. He connects community members to resources and conducts a Block Captain training which educates community members on the social determinants of health and how their health impacts them.

Ruben is a founding member of RISE and serves on its Board. RISE helps to educate, empower and engage communities—especially immigrant and refugee communities—to pursue racial equity in the schools. At The Denver Foundation, Ruben is a trustee and Chair of the Education Committee. He has served on the Strengthening Neighborhoods Committee, Basic Human Needs, and others.

Additionally, he maintains his own community engagement consulting company, where he conducts workshops for communities to help them utilize the power of the people to advocate for positive change. Ruben uses the ABCD concept (Asset Based Community Engagement) model. He is a fellow of the ABCD Institute at DePaul University in Chicago. He has presented at ABCD training events across both locally and nationwide.

Eligible for 1.5 CEUs

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