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Working with Domestic Violence and Sexual Abuse Offenders  Jul 27   This workshop will help identify power and control issues, childhood trauma, which left untreated causes a great deal of future impact. Learn to recognize signs that will enable you to more effectively address family systems issues and impacts on children and families. Recidivism can be reduced with effective identification and treatment of childhood trauma, abuse and neglect.  Presenter: Debbie Stafford

Motivational Interviewing Basic Two-Day  Aug 10 & 24   This evidence-based approach has consistently shown positive outcomes in dealing with resistance and defensiveness. It has been successfully used with populations where resistance is prevalent, including adults and adolescents who deal with legal problems, substance abuse and mental health issues.  Presenter: Avani

Supporting Our Immigrant and Refugee Communities   Sep 12  In the current political landscape, it is more important than ever to make sure that we, as service providers, are re-evaluating the needs of our immigrant and refugee communities and are able to pivot to make sure that we are able to deliver the best level of services to our community members. With more fear, risk, and changes given the constant changes in rules, regulations, and lived experiences, the need to gather and disseminate information, update education for our staff, and evaluate what services we provide is critical.  Presenter; Meg Allen

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"We've been really impressed by the quality of the workshops that The Network provides; they are our go-to resource for training VOA staff."  Brenton Hutson, Volunteers of America

"Yesterday’s training was awesome! We received very positive reviews from all 23 of our staff in attendance."  David Scalia, Rocky Mountain Human Services

"I think the Network is absolutely on the right track. Trainings continue to be diverse both in content and length... love that there are lunch and learns AND longer form trainings. They bring in nationally recognized experts and providers and are relevant to the ever changing landscape of human services.   Anon. from Annual Survey

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Family Resource Center Association (FRCA), in collaboration with OMNI Institute and the University of Colorado, Boulder, recently had a study published that validates the reliability of the Colorado Family Support Assessment 2.0 (CFSA 2.0), a tool that can be used by family support professionals for managing cases and measuring progress.  The results of the study indicate that with training, staff members are able to use the CFSA 2.0 in a reliable way to measure family progress.  Click HERE to see the abstract, or download the full manuscript HERE.  Email FRCA's Rachel Shuck ( for information about CFSA 2.0 training.

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