Human Services Network of Colorado

Meet Our Executive Director

John Dandurand, Executive Director

John Dandurand

Executive Director

John has been a leader in the nonprofit sector for over 30 years. He is the former executive director of the Colorado Arts Consortium and Creating Caring Communities (an anti-bullying program). He has worked as senior management at the Colorado Nonprofit Association and the Denver Community Kollel. As a consultant and trainer, John has delivered countless hours of technical assistance and professional development to nonprofits statewide.

Meet Our Board

Ian Kile, Volunteers of America (VOA

Ian Kile, Volunteers of America


Ian is the training and quality assurance manager at VOA’s Denver Veterans Service Center. Ian has a training and education background as well as experience in compliance, grant oversight and nonprofit board advisement. These skills enable him to support the mission of HSN (to improve the quality and integrity of service provided to vulnerable populations) and strengthen the organization through the application of best practices for nonprofit management.

Julie Banuelos, Catholic Charities

Julie Banuelos, Catholic Charities


Julie is a family service worker with Catholic Charities’ Head Start & ECE Program. She has dedicated her career to serving others, especially communities that are most vulnerable. As a former educator, she believes learning is a lifetime experience. She participated in several professional development opportunities via The Network and values the relevancy of the coursework as it directly improves how we serve our clients.

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