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Human Services Network of Colorado

2023 Legislative Session Bill Tracking

Below is a list of bills that are supported (or not) by the All Families Deserve a Chance Coalition.  We update this list as each bill moves through the various legislative committees that need to address it before coming to a vote of the legislature. The progress can be seen in the Status column.   PLEASE NOTE:  Bill numbers are linked to that Bill's page on the CO General Assembly site. In the Title & Description column, some of the Titles feature a link to an information sheet or draft of the bill. Active links are underlined in aqua.      POSITION:   "+"  = support  "-"  = oppose  "M" = monitor

Bill #



Title and Description




Family Economic Security

S: Zenzinger, Kirkmeyer

H: Kipp, Catlin

Adult Education

Gives authority to higher education institutions to grant high school equivalency degrees and adds digital literacy skills into potential curriculum.


Referred to Appropriations Committee


Family Economic Security

H: Lindsay, Fields


Improves access to training for mobility, workforce center access, and programming under the SNAP E&T program.


Passed first committee onto appropriations


Family Economic Security

H: Sirota, Gonzales-Gutierrz

S: Gonzales, Winter

Fair Work Week

Improves scheduling and pay conditions for part-time workers, especially in retail, by compensating workers for schedule changes, combatting close to open shifts, and limiting reliance on part-time over full-time workers.


Postponed indefinitely


Housing and Renter Protections

S: Winter

Tenant Screening Protection Bill

Protects tenants from discriminatory landlord practices around


Introduced in Senate


Family Economic Security

S: Hansen

EITC/CTC Expansion

Increases state-level Earned Income Tax Credit from 20% to 40% and expands both the amount and eligibility for the state-level Child Tax Credit.


Assigned to House Finance Committee


Family Economic Security

H: Young

S: Exum

Employer Notice of Income Tax Credits

Requires employers to provide employees notice of the state and federal income tax and child tax credits in appropriate languages.


Passed Senate Business Committee

Family Economic Security

H: Kennedy

TABOR Rebate Reallocation

Makes permanent the equal distribution of TABOR rebates to those making under $250,000 as an individual or $500,000 as joint filers.


Not yet introduced


Family Economic Security

H: Willford

Dependent Allowance on Unemployment Insurance

Establishes a weekly dependent allowance for those on unemployment insurance with dependent children or adults.


Referred to Appropriations Committee


Family Economic Security

S: Cutter

Food Pantry Assistance Grant Program

Allocates $3 million of General Funds to the Food Pantry Assitance Grant for FY23-24 and extends the grant for five years.




Housing and Renter Protections

H: Vigil, Weissman

S: Fields, Exum

Portable Screening Report for Residental Leases

Enables a renter applying for housing to reuse their tenant screening reports to reduce future application costs. Enables renters to review their credit reports. Decreases landlord application fees. Places enforcement power with the Attorney General.


Introduced in the Senate


Housing and Renter Protections

H: Woodrow, Lindsay

S: Hinrichsen

Prohibited Provisions in Rental Agreements

Reforms lease agreement law regarding penalties stemming from eviction notices or actions and attorney fees. Prohibits leases from forcing renters to waive the right to jury trial and bring collective claims, nonrenewal notice fees, and landlord fees to recoup costs.


Assigned to Senate Local Government and Housing Committee


Housing and Renter Protections

H: Lindsay, Jodeh

S: Exum, Jaquez Lewis

Remote Participation in Residential Evictions

Enables renters to participate in residential eviction process court hearings to appear in-person or remotely and file documents electronically. Prohibits the charging of fees on electronic filings. Requires courts to comply with laws requiring accommodations for people with a disability or limited English proficiency.


Referred to House Appropriations Committee


Housing and Renter Protections

H: Velasco and Mabrey

S: Rodriguez

Repeal Prohibition Local Residental Rent Control

Repeals statutory prohibitions on local governments enacting rent control on private residential property and housing units.


Assigned to Local Government and Housing Committee in the Senate


Family Economic Security

H: Ricks

S: Exum

Consumer Reports Not Include Medical Debt Information

Prohibits the reporting of medical debt on credit score reports, prohibits debt collectors from threatening consumers with the reporting of medical debt to credit reporting agencies, and protects consumers’ personal information.


Assigned to Senate Business, Labor, and Technology Committee


H: Epps, Willford

S: Priola, Gonzales

Overdose Prevention Center Authorization

Gives local governments the autonomy to approve overdose prevention sites after holding a public hearing.


Passed House second reading


H: deGruy Kennedy, Sharbini

S: Rodriguez

Reporting of Emergency Overdose Events

Strengthens Colorado’s Good Samaritan laws to protect individuals who report an overdose and call for medical help but may have been sharing substances with the overdosing individual.


Assigned to Senate Judiciary Committee


H: Lynch

Opioid Harm Reduction

Creates a fund for distributing opioid antagonists to eligible schools and eliminates the requirement that someone be “knowing” that a substance contains fentanyl for it to become a level 4 felony.


Assigned to House Judiciary Committee



S: Mullica, Pelton

Criminal Penalty Controlled Substance Supplier

Makes it a level 1 drug felony if anyone sells, dispenses, distributes, or otherwise transfers any quantity of a substance that is the cause of the overdose death of another person who used the substance and launches an automatic homicide investigation in the case of overdose death.


Referred to Senate Committee of the Whole


Family Economic Security

H: Weissman, Brown

S: Cutter, Jaquez Lewis

Increase Consumer Protections Medical Transactions

Adds consumer protections around medical debt like capping the interest rate at 3%, increasing transparency and disclosures, and payment plans.


Passed Senate third reading


Housing and Renter Protections

H: Joseph, Ortiz

S: Fields, Winter

Eviction Protections for Residential Tenants

Requires mediation between a tenant and a landlord prior to eviction if the tenant is a recipient of cash benefit programs and has identified themselves as being cash benefit recipients and extends the period to find a new housing option to thirty-days.


Referred to House Appropriations Committee


Family Economic Security

H: Gonzales-Gutierrez, Epps

S: Exum

Relative and Kin Placement of a Child

Establishes measures to protect the best interests of children in the case that the child is removed from the family, such as permitting relatives to appeal denied placement with the child and requiring preference be given to placing the child with a relative.


Referred to House Appropriations Committee

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