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Human Services Network of Colorado

Cross-Generational Connection

  • 04/17/2024
  • 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
  • Zoom Webinar
  • 52


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Older adults are the wisdom keepers of our society, and it is an honor to serve them. This workshop will cover key aspects of healthy aging and communications techniques that are proven to be the most effective in working with this population. It is designed to improve the ability of the attendees to connect and communicate with older adults in a way that allows for maximum positive outcomes.

Key takeaways include:

    • Building rapport and trust with the older population to achieve objectives
    • Learning communication techniques and tactics to maximize effectiveness
    • Strategizing tactful interventions when barriers arise

We will explore the ways in which we can:

    • Build Trust and Rapport
    • Develop a Patient and Compassionate Attitude
    • Respect Their Life Experience
    • Communicate Clearly – moderate pace, lower voice; use written communication when necessary
    • Be Adaptable
    • Accommodate physical limitations - adapt workspace
    • Accommodate cognitive changes – extra time or family assistance to help comprehension
    • Be Mindful of Health Concerns
    • Respect independence
    • Provide Flexible scheduling
    • Assess Technological comfort
    • Develop/Enhance Our Cultural Competence
    • Advocate for them when they can’t
    • Schedule Regular check-ins communication to build rapport
    • Involve family as appropriate
    • Coordinate with other agencies and providers

Presenter: Kelly O’Connor is a Certified Senior Advisor and Certified Dementia Practitioner, based in Denver. She has worked with nearly 2,000 older adults and their families over the last 10+ years as an elder care consultant and legacy life coach. Her 2021 TEDx Talk on Longevity sets the stage for the work she does today throughout the country.

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