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Human Services Network of Colorado

Defusing Intimate Partner Violence

  • 03/12/2024
  • 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
  • Zoom Webinar
  • 55


  • for members of the Colorado Housing & Finance Authority


Intimate Partner Violence is a silent epidemic and statistics suggest that it is more prevalent year after year. Working with individuals who currently are experiencing or have experienced intimate partner violence carries with it its own unique set of challenges and very few human services professionals receive direct training on this topic. As a result, Human Services Professionals are forced to meet these unique challenges without the tools that can help them be successful.

When a victim is experiencing Intimate Partner Violence or recovering from their experience they are in a vulnerable state and critical decision-making point in their life. The awareness gained through this training will allow you to have compassionate and meaningful interactions with victims which can ultimately make the difference between making a positive or negative impact in the individuals' journey.

This training offers an opportunity for human service professionals to acquire a more in-depth awareness of the dynamics of intimate partner violence. This will provide a better understanding of the lived experience of the victims and techniques and resources to support them. The workshop will also help identify self-care strategies to cope with the vicarious trauma human services professionals experience in dealing with intimate partner violence suffered by their clients.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the prevalence of and statistics about intimate Partner Violence
  • Define intimate partner violence and describe its common dynamics.
  • Recognize signs of Intimate Partner Violence
  • Identify the different ways that victims respond to and cope with intimate Partner Violence
  • Better understand the victim’s experience in IPV
  • Understand the elements of a safety plan and its importance when working with victims of intimate partner violence.
  • Understand the reasons a victim may choose to stay in a violent relationship.
  • Identify local and national resources that may benefit victims.
  • Take away concrete tools to support victims of IPV.

 Presenter: Marisol Velez Murray is the director of Marisol Homes, an extended stay shelter for single and expectant mothers and their children. Marisol is a licensed professional counselor. She specializes in populations that have experienced intimate partner violence, Latinx immigrant population, and complex trauma. She has extensive experience in mental health crisis stabilization and response and has worked in a variety of positions with individuals across the lifespan.

Eligible for 3 hours Certificate of Completion

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