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Human Services Network of Colorado

2022 Legislative Session Bill Results

Below is a list of bills that were supported (or not) by the All Families Deserve a Chance Coalition.  We updated this list as each bill moves through the various legislative committees that needed to address it before coming to a vote of the legislature. The final results can be seen in the Status column.   PLEASE NOTE: In the Title & Description column, many of the Titles have a link to an information sheet or draft of the bill. Those links are underlined and highlighted in green.

Bill # 

Type Sponsors Title & Description Position  Status 
State Budget (Long Bill)Housing and Renter Protections Eviction Legal Defense: Request for greater funding for existing program to help ensure tenants have representation in eviction court.  SupportIncluded in the budget through an amend-ment in the Senate
HB22 1377Housing and Renter ProtectionsRep. Woodrow, Rep. Exum, Sen. Kolker, Sen. GonzalesGrant Program Providing Responses to Homelessness Creating a program to provide grants to local governments and nonprofits to respond to the needs of people experiencing homelessness. SupportPassed; on to Governor
HB22 1378 1377Housing and Renter ProtectionsRep. Jodeh, Rep. Sullivan, Sen. Coleman, Sen. Hansen

Denver-metro Regional Navigation Campus Grant  Allocates funds that will be granted to a local government and potentially a community partner to create a hub to respond to and prevent homelessness in the metro area

SupportPassed; on to Governor
HB22 1083 Housing and Renter Protections Rep. Tipper, Rep. Rich, Sen. Winter Colorado Homeless Contribution Income Tax Credit: Modifies existing tax credit to establish statewide eligibility and support full continuum of effective homeless interventions and services. Support Passed; on to Governor
SB22 019Housing and Renter Protections Sen. Winter, Rep. WoodrowTechnical Clarification of Eviction Court Record Access: Ensures that legal services providers can appropriately counsel prospective clients without undermining the goals of HB20-1009. SupportBecame law—Governor signed on 3/15/22!
HB22 1287Housing and Renter Protections Rep. Boesenecker, Rep. Hooton, Sen. WinterMobile Home Park Act: Build on and strengthen protections for mobile home park residentsSupportPassed with significant amendments; on to Governor
Family Economic SecurityRep. Duran, Rep. Jodeh, Sen. Moreno, Sen. StoryTANF BCA Increase and Reform:  Increase cash assistance and make improvements to how TANF serves families. SupportPassed with significant amendments; on to Governor
SB22 086Family Economic SecuritySen. Winter, Sen. Gonzales, Rep.  Gray, Rep. Gonzales-GutierrezHomestead Exemption and Consumer Debt Protection:  Update laws protecting assets & income from seizure by debtors & creditors to address current economic realities and family needs.  SupportBecame law: Governor signed on 4/7/2022
SB22 087Family Economic SecuritySen. Pettersen, Sen. Fields, Rep. Gonzales-Gutierrez, Rep. Michaelson JenetHealthy Meals for All Public School Students
Creates pathway for schools to provide free meals to all students and provides incentives to increase parent involvement and purchasing from Colorado producers.
SupportPostponed indefinitely
HB22 1414Family Economic Security Sen. Pettersen, Sen. Fields, Rep. Gonzales-Gutierrez, Rep. Michaelson Jenet 

Refers a ballot initiative for November 2022 to close tax loopholes to fund free school meals to all Colorado public school students.

SupportPassed; on to Governor
HB22 1133Family Economic SecurityRep. Gray, Sen. WinterFamily and Medical Leave Insurance:  Allows Colorado to prepay $57 million of premiums in the current fiscal year. Prepaying them will save  Colorado money in future years, helping to alleviate forthcoming deficits.SupportPassed; on to Governor
HB22 233Family Economic SecuritySen. Hinrichsen, Sen. Rodriguez, Rep. Exum, Rep. Daugherty

TABOR Refund Mechanism: Flattens TABOR rebate mechanism so all tax filers will receive a $400 (or $800 for joint filers) rebate. For FY 2021-22 Only

SupportPassed; on to Governor
HB22 1009 Workforce DevelopmentRep. Gray, Rep. Sullivan, Sen. ZenzingerContinue Workforce Diploma Pilot Program: Make pilot program permanent AFDC Coalition voted to take an “amend” position in the interest of ensuring that a wider range of providers are able to participate in this program.AmendPostponed indefinitely
HB22 1010 Workforce DevelopmentRep. Sirota & Rep. Van Beber, Sen. Buckner & Sen. KirkmeyerEarly Childhood Educator Tax Credit: Improves compensation of the early childhood workforce, and increases access to child care providers for those facing the greatest barriers.SupportPassed with amendments; on to Governor
HB22-1230 Workforce DevelopmentRep. ExumRenewing the Emergency Employment and Job Retention Support Services Program: Sustain and potentially increase availability of support services for employment goals SupportPassed with amendments; on to Governor

HB22 1050
Health Care AccessRep. Ricks, Sen. BucknerInternational Medical Graduate Health-Care Workforce Creating pathways for New Americans with medical training to join the health care workforce and address pressing shortages. Draft BillSupportPassed with significant amendments; on to Governor
HB22 1289Health Care AccessRep. Gonzales-Gutierrez, Rep. McCluskie, Sen. Moreno Health Benefits For Colorado Children and Pregnant Persons  Perinatal Health Equity Act would Increase access to health care for low-income, undocumented Coloradans. SupportPassed; on to Governor 
HB22 1279Health Care AccessRep. Froelich, Sen. GonzalesReproductive Health Equity Act: Codify right to abortion access to ensure all Coloradans have full autonomy over when and if they have children. Support Became law—Governor signed on 4/4/22

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